Have you had time to reflect on where you were, where you are and where you want to be? Are you energized, happy, peaceful, resilient, fulfilled, successful?  


Mind, Body, Evolve

Cross Phoenix Coaching (CPC) is coaching on High Performance & Human Potential Development. CPC is a blend between Bulletproof, HeartMath and Deep Coaching, a revolutionary, objectively brain-based assessment from My Brain Solutions Leadership Assessment (MBSLA), and mind-body technologies such as NeurOptimal Neurofeedback, emWave Pro HRV Resilience Training, uBiome SmartGut Kit and Pulsed Electro-magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) to help clients evolve. CPC is 50% High Performance & 50% Deep Inner Work. 




To end our internal suffering by instilling the full meaning of


into humanity



To create space for connection, consciousness transformation, and mind-body peak performance



Empower People to Evolve (EPE)

Coaching Summary


Emilio coaches Business Executives, Entrepreneurs, and High-Performers get out of their head, lean into their edge, and become more bold and fearless, all while upgrading their mind, body, and energy. In short, the coaching is 50% High Performance & 50% Deep Inner Work. 



Emilio has been informally coaching people his entire life. Friends, family members, and even strangers would come to him, felt drawn to him for some reason, felt safe and some connection with him and therefore would end up sharing with him, their entire life; their struggles, their biggest fears and their biggest dreams and sometimes the things holding them back. Emilio would just sit and listen.  Sometimes, he would say something, and sometimes he wouldn't.


After the oil & gas economy slowed in 2016, Emilio decided to follow his dreams and passions and lifelong developed, God-given talent and strengths to finally and formally create a long over-due coaching business, structured around the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual quadrants of life. Emilio has finally found his purpose and he wants to share this with you and the world. His mission is to create connection, consciousness transformation, and mind-body peak performance and to eventually see his vision come to life: Ending suffering by instilling Resilience into Humanity. He wants people to become vitalized, presence-centered and consciously living their value-aligned dreams and he is doing everything in his power to see this come to life. 


Emilio comes from a humble background in El Paso, TX where he left to work and pay for his higher education, make something of himself and help others along the process. With a background of Finance & Economics at Texas State University, Emilio started trading money for the McCoy’s College of Business as a Financial Analyst/Portfolio Manager, co-founded a business organization, Society of Future Business Leaders, obtained increasing roles of responsibility as a Financial Analyst at Chevron and BHP Billiton, created and optimized new BHP Billiton Business Units, and branches of Chevron Employee Networks with positions such as Houston Site Leader and Global Strategy & Development Officer. Emilio then challenged himself by taking a calculated risk to become an Independent Oil & Gas consultant, helping companies such as SM Energy in Denver, Colorado and Lewis Energy Group in San Antonio, TX. With 10+ years in the Oil & Gas industry and his extensive background, Emilio briefly took a position as Vice President for a consulting firm, managing companies for Oil & Gas Business Development in U.S and Mexico and various types of business development in Southeast Asia. After careful consideration, Emilio decided to step away and continue building and living by his values, dreams, passions, purpose and WHY for life, which is his company, Cross Phoenix Coaching. Emilio created this coaching business so that he can inspire you, help you achieve your goals, realize your full potential, and upgrade your mind, body, and energy in the process, all in hopes that you find peace, joy, love, happiness and success, because let's face it, life is short and we all will die one day. 


Emilio has noticed that the majority of people are living ego-centered mentalities (I’m not good enough, I don’t have enough), unconscious (I don’t know what’s important to me, I don’t know what life is asking of me), devitalized lives (unnourished bodies- poor self-care & self-regulation), unprocessed emotions (untrained attention), and depleting relationships (toxic environments), and it is all affecting their overall health and wellness and people don’t know where to start. This is where Emilio comes in. He is your catalyst! He is your coach, champion, accountability partner and more! Emilio has informally coached friends, family and strangers since he was a kid, gifted with this presence, energy, caring and genuine soul, seeking only to end the suffering in front of him and empower the person in front of him.  With Emilio's gift and life-long journey, Emilio has maximized his strengths, and obtained certifications specializing in these areas so that he can be the best coach and better help you transform your life.


Emilio no longer likes to share the concept or benefits of his coaching, but rather the experience. If you would like to have a powerful, impactful and quite frank, life-changing conversation, Emilio would be happy to block off 2 hours for you. 



A hummingbird's wings beat up to eighty times per second. They can rotate in a complete circle, allowing it to hover in mid-air, fly forwards, backwards, up, down, sideways and even upside-down.

The laws of physics say it should be impossible for the hummingbird to fly.

Clearly nobody told the hummingbird.



Being the Best for my Clients

Bulletproof Training Institute


Bulletproof Coaching is a consciousness transforming process. My job as a coach is to inspire and support you in achieving your goals, help you realize your full potential, and upgrade your body, mind and energy in the process. The pillars of this coaching start with Acceptance & Commitment, Biohacking, Neuroscience and Positive Psychology and go deep into your mind, body, spirit for a transformation like no other.

HeartMath Coach and Mentor. Resilience Training. Heart Coherence.


HeartMath is about Resilience Training. The HeartMath System is comprised of techniques, tools and technology; moreover, it has been developed and validated through rigorous scientific research. Our partner (The Institute of HeartMath) is a recognized global leader in emotional physiology and stress-management research. Their studies using HeartMath techniques and technology have been published in peer reviewed journals including; The American Journal of Cardiology, Harvard Business Review and Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

Dynamic Neurofeedback


When it comes to improving your quality of life, NeurOptimal® is a game changer. The fact is, your brain — just like your body — can be trained for greater performance (or “strength”) and focus (or “stamina”). A resilient and flexible brain improves our state of mind. And nothing impacts the quality of our lives more directly than our state of mind. NeurOptimal®’s Dynamical Neurofeedback® is essentially a brain fitness program which facilitates a more efficient use of neural resources. NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is a 100% non-invasive, safe method for restoring serenity, confidence and wellness back into your life. NeurOptimal® is safe. It is utilized everyday by thousands of trainers and home neurofeedback users worldwide. Collectively, NeurOptimal systems have logged in excess of THREE MILLION training hours and counting.

Academy of Brain-based Leadership. MyBrainSolutions.


I utilize My Brain Solutions Leadership Assessment (MBSLA) to help develop exceptional leaders. I employ the most powerful neuroscience assessment tool available, developed by The Academy of Brain-based Leadership. This cutting-edge methodology is uniquely based upon scientifically validated research that isolates key brain capacities, which directly impact leadership abilities. As one of the few coaching businesses in the world certified with this approach, I provide you with a 45-minute online assessment. I identify your strengths and recommend areas for improvement, based upon the results and your development objectives. To drive targeted improvement, I provide you with proven and tailored brain-training exercises 5 to 10 minutes a day, three times per week to increase your capacity and skills. In one month, I will quantify the results of your enhanced capabilities through a follow-up reassessment.






Emilio Palafox, BPC, HMC - High Performance & Transformational Coach

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Emilio Palafox, BPC, HMC

Cross Phoenix Coaching - High Performance & Human Potential Development

Certified Bulletproof Coach

Certified HeartMath Coach / Mentor

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Practitioner

My Brains Solutions Leadership Assessment Coach

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